Be Bold & Confident FAQ

1. Are the four modules of IELTS taught daily?

Exactly, tutorials and practice test both are covered on daily basis.

2. Like in IELTS test, are speaking interviews conducted?

Naturally, regular cabin interviews special ideas are given on cue cards which is nowhere at any institute.

3. Do the teachers clear reading doubt if student have?

. Surely, daily readings doubts are made clear in detail. Also Master class on Reading, Writing, Listening is given weekly.

4. How do the new comers adjust themselves in running classes?

Well! For them, there is proper system, Firstly they are given orientation session, thereof , two days individual classes so that they can easily understand in the class later on .

5. How many students remain in each batch?

Here, I do say minimum, only 15-17 students per batch. In I-Core Series, less than 10 students per class.

6. Is it compulsory to bring Be Bold & Confident kit?


7. Who teaches writing /Speaking? Or Are the classes conducted by Gandhi Sir?

Of course, he makes All fundamental Clear and above all.

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