Beginner Level

A brief summary

Beginner IELTS let the candidates to know about IELTS whereabouts, and planning to lay strong platform in IELTS.

Sukhdev Gandhi

What you will learn

  • Structural Writing
  • Pronunciation
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading Practice test
  • Listening Practice test
  • Read Tutorials
  • Mock test

Why this level?

Beginner level is made to enhance the confidence and encourage the students to learn English and grammar skills. This level is for those students who can converse and understand English in a very limited and restricted way and who has little bit knowledge about the English grammar.In a few weeks students can be able to shop or travel with Basic English. You will know the fundamentals of English pronunciation. Days from Monday to Friday are for practice and Saturday is for mock test. There are specialized trainers for each module and material is also provided in the class room as well as the special material is provided in student’s kit for practice at home. In 6 hour classes 2 hours are assigned for reading 1st hour for reading practice and 2nd hour for doubt clearing section respectively.1 hour class for essay writing and grammar practice, 1 hour for speaking in which there is cue cards preparation and English speaking practice and 1 hour is appointed for listening with the help of which students can raise their English.


Time Duration

Time period in beginner level is for 45days and classes are for 5 hours daily. In this level students attend the classes of Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening and Reading (doubt clearing session) and there is 1 hour class for each module daily. At BBC vocabulary and accuracy level of the candidates is upgraded as well as they also learn time management skills by doing Reading, Spoken English and all other modules. Students learn syntax of sentences along with Spelling Practice as well as preparation of cue cards.

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