Pre Advance Level

A brief summary

This course is specially designed for IELTS aspirants who are modest in English skills. It improves the sentence formation and let them to brush up all four modules of IELTS which makes a strong foundation to enter into IELTS advance level.

Sukhdev Gandhi

What you will learn

  • Every Week master tips
  • Regular Doubt clearing session in each module
  • Brush up grammar class
  • Time management & accuracy classes
  • One to one interaction
  • Regular vocabulary & paraphrasing practice

Why this level?

This level is made to make pitch perfect in English language and also reduce the phobia of students to speak in English as well help to reduce the mistakes. This level is for those students who can verbalize, interact and understand English properly but still make silly mistakes and fail to make understood occasionally. Students can talk with confidence make conversation in English; write & understand simple written text and understand a wider range of grammar and vocabulary. They can also understand TV programmers and extract basic information from a written document. Days from Monday to Friday are for practice and Saturday is for mock test. In this level classes are assigned for6 hours in which 1 hour is for reading and 30 minutes for doubt clearing, 2 hours for writing in which 1st hour for easy writing tutorial and 2nd hour is for writing practice and checking.30 minutes are allocated for task-1 i.e. graph practice, 1 hour is for speaking in which interview session will be held and cue card preparation and 1 hour is assigned for listening practice.


Time duration:

Time period in Pre advance level is for 2 months and every day classes are for 6 hours. In this level students attend the classes of Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing and Writing Practice and checking and class for each module takes 1 hour daily as well as classes of reading doubt clearing and graph practice for 30 minutes daily. At BBC students learn how to understand the graphs and new vocabulary is given to students so they can ameliorate their English. Trainers also assist the students to upgrade their accuracy as well as time management skills by doing Reading, Spoken English and all other modules. Students also learn about the emergence of sentences.

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