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1. a celebration of an achievement

2. something you borrowed from someone

3. a recent conversation

4. a public building you would like to visit

5. a school you went to as a child

Why Join is known for its strategies and methodology to impart training to all levels of the students. It also includes online and offline courses with video presentations. team is well experienced, highly qualified tutors and responsible to beef up the students level.

Up to mark writing ideas are provided in various writing sessions by Sukhdev Gandhi a qualified and experienced tutor.

Weekly remarks and feedback is given to enhance the proficiency of the students.

IELTS material is well designed according to the level of the students which make them easy to upgrade.

The only institute in the region to have 15:1 class ratio. This makes better interaction with the class teacher.

Every fortnight, master tricks are provided to increase the capability of the student in reading.

Our team


Unity is Strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration wonderful results can be achieved.

Our Teachers

Pic teachers are terrific, energitics, able, cheerful, hardworkers, enthusias, and remarkable which make a full mean 'TEACHER'.

Our Classrooms


Our classrooms are like a family and gives wonderful ambience of learning, respect, peace, mistakes and growing.



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IELTS i-Core Series

Specially designed by R & D Team. Click Here

Achievements is a small tree when it was planted in 2008, since then, year by year achievements have added winning feathers in its crown.

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