Listening / Multiple Choice Type Question (MCQ) / PART 3


  1. To find out how much holidays cost, you should press button
  1. one.
  2. two.
  3. three.


  1. Travelite currently offer walking holidays
  1. only in Western Europe.
  2. all over Europe.
  3. outside Europe.


  1. The walks offered by Travelite
  1. cater for a range of walking abilities.
  2. are planned by guides from the local area.
  3. are for people with good fitness levels.


  1. On Travelite holidays, people holidaying alone pay
  1. the same as other clients.
  2. only a little more than other clients.
  3. extra only if they stay in a large room.


  1. Entertainment is provided
  1. when guests request it.
  2. most nights.
  3. every night.