IELTS Writing is about composing 2 assignments within 60 minutes. First assignment has to be composed in 150 words, and candidate must not exceed 20 minutes for the composition. The second assignment is about composing an article of 250 words on a given subject. The optimum time to burn for this assignment is 40 minutes. This assignment has more weight-age than the previous one. In general, the IELTS Writing has different structure for the candidates of Academic & General Training (GT).


To ease the learners in understanding the format of a 9 band writing, a clear description including all the four parameters of writing is provided either it is Task 1 or Task 2. Here, two solved samples of each type are available from where learners can get the ideas to implement in the unsolved task questions which are given on either sides. It's time to enhance your base of writing by learning the high range vocabulary and the sentence variations.

write a letter

Dear Sir,

With due respect , I, Ruhi Dhawan , student of your institution under business English course with student id 40879  in, penning down this letter about the concerns confronted by me due to cancellation of summer work placement.

Being a final year learner it is very disheartening that there will be no work placement program. This programme is significant for the learners studying abroad. To find a suitable work place via medium of college is immense paramount as it saves time of student. Now every foreign student will not suffer from unemployment but also encounter problems relate to money. Although part time work facilities are conducive in managing study related assets, it is impossible to maintain personal expenses.

Through program has already cancelled. A humble request is made to you for organizing another event considering vital needs of the will be great effort by the authorities to resolve the monetary issues.

I hope you will pay heed towards this matter keeping in view future of your institution’s student. I will be very greatful to you for your kind act.

Faithfully yours

Ruhi dhawan

write a letter

Dear   Mr Aman,

I, Ruhi Dhawan, resident of  Preet Vihar, penning down this letter in return to complaint addressed by you. Due to renovation procedures, undesired sounds were produced causing inconvenience to surrounding.

Work involved in reframing wooden selves took long. Although carpenter has latest equipment for slashing purposes , it was inevitable to reduce sound waves coming from wood threshing . Moreover, old cupboard was fixed in the concrete wall. Certainly, needed hammering to get it out. Being a civilized person, it is understandable that sounds with higher intensity arise uncomfortable sensation, for which I seek your apology.

Keeping all the concerns in mind reconstruction work has been planned to be done in afternoon because other sources will be conducive in overlapping this sound. Apart from this , cutting and slicing of wood will be done at carpenter’s shop. Ultimately intense sound will be diminished.

I hope you will consider my apology and understand the circumstances.

Sincerely yours,

Ruhi Dhawan



write a letter

Dear Sir,

I, Ruhi Dhawan, tenant living in ‘Pragya Shelter’ owing by you, writing this letter to acquaint you about failure of heating equipment working. Through workmen sent by you tried to resolve the issue, it all went in vain.

To survive in this freezing cold without a heater is certainly impossible. Moreover water outlets have been freezed by dint of dropped temperature. Being a student time schedule is too hectic that it is hard to manage my studies because of uncomfortable weather conditions.  Unsatisfying services provided have not only made life miserable but also affected my academic progress.

All the concerns can be sorted if portable water geyser and heater would be availed. Although this will consume time to heat water, it can reduce the problem to some extent. Meanwhile, try to fix the main system. Hopefully you will pay heed to this matter by  puping in mind the future of every child being affected by this. I hope repair work will start soon to avoid any kind of inconvenience of legal action.

Thanks in anticipation

Sincerely yours,

Ruhi Dhawan


Write a letter to an editor of newspaper regarding your concern about construction of multi storey building in current park location. In your letter say

Why is it important for you

What is your opinion about the plan?

Dear Sir/madam,

I, Ruhi Dhawan . Resident of Park Avenue street, penning down this letter to express my dissatisfaction regarding the fabrication of an exotic building in this area, allotted for park of the community.

While flicking the paper of esteemed daily, news flashed in my eyes that fund of Rupees  Four Hundred Crores was granted for establishment of splendid building in place of our area. I have living in the area since twenty five years and watching how people visting at the place become happy and feel rejuvenated at the place.

People of all age groups visit park to get fresh air. If this got demolished , would have negative impacts on the health. Also the area will become congested due to number of vehicles visiting there. There is indeed need for the park in the area instead of building.

Thanks in anticipation

Faithfully yours,

Ruhi  Dhawan

You have eaten at a restaurant and it was such a terrible experience that you have decided to inform the manager by letter of what happened, and that you want your money back.

Things to include:
- Facts. You need to be concise but explain what happened.
- Polite. No one responds to insults.
- Outline what you wish from this. What do you want to happen?
- Firmness. You want to be taken seriously.

Dear Sir,

I, Ruhi Dhawan, penning down this letter to express my dissatisfaction with the dinner experience had at your restaurant last night.

First of all, we had booked table 2 days advance, yet we had to wait for 30 minutes before we could be seated. Secondly, the food service was extremely slow, and the assistant manager took our orders incorrectly. Worse still, the food that was served to us was not hot enough and the gravy was too watery. Being a regular customer, poor service was not expected.

This was an important business meeting with our partners and we could not create a good impression on them because of these issues. We ended up going to a different restaurant to wrap up our night. Since amount for the food was paid in advance, the assistant manager did not refund me and now I have no other choice but to write to you. I insist on getting a refund of the full amount that was paid. I would also suggest increasing the efficiency of the staffing process as the restaurant was clearly short-staffed and that was the prime reason behind our terrible experience

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Ruhi Dhawan

Last year you met someone on holiday and became friends. He/she has informed you that he/she will be travelling near your hometown on business in a few months’ time.

Dear Mathew,

It was a pleasant surprise to receive your letter yesterday. The happiness doubled when I learnt that you will be in Singapore in December with your wife for some professional reasons and have plans to stay a bit longer to wander around the city. I am quite excited to meet you and your wife and cordially welcome you to stay with us as long as you wish.

Our memory, together in Bali, Indonesia last year, is still fresh and I am happy to have the chance to meet you in a distant country. How daunting it would have been if someone so kind like you did not find the papers I lost! You were like an angel sent by God to save me from a disaster. The more I learned about you, the more attached I felt to you as a friend.

I live in an apartment located in the centre of Singapore city with my wife and have a spare room that you can use during your stay. My wife, Eugene, is equally excited to have you in our city. After you complete your professional works, we will visit some notable places like the Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Chinatown, Changi Chapel and Museum and enjoy local foods and movies.

I am looking forward to having you with us. Have a safe journey.

Warm wishes,


Write a letter to your friend who lives in another town, and invite him/her to a party you are going to organise.

  • why you are having this party
  • who are expected to be present at the party
  • give directions on how to get there.

Dear Neha,

I hope you are healthy and happy. What about the result of your M.B.A course? I am glad to tell you that I have got a distinction in my M.Sc. course and would like you to be present at a party I am throwing to commemorate the event on 25th August.

I am planning for a small party at my home this coming Sunday, 25th August. I would like to invite you to the party and I really want to see you on that day. I have invited all our childhood friends, hence it would be a get-together party for all of us. This party will definitely be a good reason to meet.

Last year I moved into a new apartment which is in the Satellite area of the city and I hope you have my address. It is very easy to find my residence. First, you should reach the Satellite area, main road and towards the left of the entrance, you will find a shopping mall called KH 24; from there you should come straight away and you will find my apartment. I have sent you my coordinates at Google Maps in your email.

However, if you have any difficulty in finding my address, just call me. I will send my cousin for your help. See you at the party then.

Best wishes,


Write a letter to your friend inviting him/her to attend the party. In your letter,

  • explain why you are organising the party
  • describe what you are planning to do
  • say why you want your friend to come to the party

Write at least 150 words.


Dear Rohan,

Hope all is well at your end with you and your family. I know that you don’t really like to attend any kind of party, but still took the liberty to invite you for the celebration and it will involve mostly the family members as I’m aware of the fact that you don’t like being surrounded by the strangers.

The party is going to be held at the café in High Street, where we used to spend a lot of quality time together, probably you might know the way of the I need to send you directions for the same? If required let me know. The program for the party is quite fun; we are going to eat, listen to music, and I’ll bring a specially ordered cake with my sister’s name written on it. 

You and I have been friends for so long, and you know how much my sister loves you. She will be thrilled if you come. Also, I know you haven’t seen each other for a long time, since you left town to start university. I hope you are doing well in there, and my sister and I would love to hear all about it at the party.

Hope to see you soon

Lovingly yours,


Your school is going to hold its annual  sports day. You want  Mr Brain Lara , a noted cricket player  to give away  the  prizes  to the budding sports persons of  the school. Write a formal invitation requesting him to grace the occasion.  

   Describe an event
- Invite him on this wonderful day
- why his presence is important


Dear Sir,

I am Sandeep Marahar, principal of Basant valley international school, Sangrur, Punjab, penning down this letter to seek your presence on the auspicious event of annual sports meet going to be  held next month.

Sir, your prestigious presence is expected to make this eve successful.  It would be a honour for us if winners will get awards from you that is going to be the  blessings for us to get inspired.  Players observe and follow your sports performances deeply to learn  distinct tricks. Apart from this, having you with us at the event will allure more young ones to indulge in sports. Although you  have hectic schedule, the whole team urges you to give your precious time to us .   

Indeed, our management always puts extra  efforts to promote sports sector owing to which our cricket  team had shown several splendid  performances at national level. So, to appreciate  as well as  motivate students towards gaming, it has been decided to organise a prize distribution function. Moreover, students  will be acquainted about the life stories of renown figures of sports world, of course you are at our top list.  Tentative  date for this  celebration is 15th May, we can make changes according to your convenience.                                          

Waiting for a positive response by your side

yours faithfully
Sandeep Marahar

Invite a friend of you met last year. He has never been here before, give some information

-  Tell him about your birthday party
-   About clothes and activities

Dear Jack, Hope you and your family are hale and hearty! I still remember having a whole of time together last June in the deserts of Rajasthan; the pictures are simply awesome! No amount of time will be sufficing enough to celebrate our union, I would like to start with the word now! On behalf of our family, I am inviting you to be an integral part of our day. Your gracious presence will aggrandize the event charm on 25th February. Venue of the party will be our farmhouse located in enclosed with this letter. We will be enjoying distinct activities like visiting farms and gaming. One thing more, weather is pleasant so we need to carry heavy clothes. Just let me know area of your interest. Super excited to see you!

Lovingly yours,

Ruhi Dhawan.

You are writing to an old family friend to ask him/her to attend your birthday party. Write a letter to invite your friend and be sure to:

  • Tell your friend about the party you are having for your birthday
  • Explain how important it is for you that he/she attends
  • Suggest that your friend can stay at the hotel next to the venue during the visit


Hi Sam,

Hope you and family are hale and hearty! I wanted to drop you a line to let you know about the party I am having next month for my 25th birthday.

As it is a milestone birthday, I decided to do something a bit different. I’m renting out an entire sports hall where we will play bubble football! Have you ever tried it before? I did it once at a work team building event and I thought it’s be so fun doing it with all of my closest friends. There’ll be a selection of food and drinks there too – don’t worry, I’ll make sure we have some of your favorite hamburgers!

There’s a great hotel located next to the sports centre. In fact, it’s only a five minute walk between there and the party venue, so I’d recommend that you book there. It also has a restaurant that serves a great breakfast. You might be grateful of that the morning after!

It would mean the world to me if you are able to attend. You’re my oldest friend in the world and it really wouldn’t be the same without you there.

Hoping to meet you soon!

Lovingly yours,

Ruhi Dhawan

You eat at your favorite restaurant every day for lunch. You do not like the decor they have chosen.

Write the manager a letter telling him

  1. What do you think is great about the restaurant
  2. What things you think need to be changed
  3. Suggestions on ways to improve the décor?

Dear Mr. Singh,

Greetings for the day!

I, Ruhi Dhawan, frequent daytime consumer of the place, am writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction an interior architecture amendments.

I am utmost satisfied with the delicacy options and the services. All the international culinary delights are available here. In addition, the dishes are reasonably priced, so never have had second thought before buying anything. Moreover, the services offered by the staff are friendly and in a timely fashion.

However, I would like to suggest some changes had there been chairs with cushions rather than short wooden chairs, it would be more comfortable. Also, here is some advice for the interior improvement. A chandelier can be added on the time entrance to give place royal look ambience could be greatly increased if funky speakers are added to play slow music. Even, an adjustable lighting in the room.

Hope you take my advice in right spirit and I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,

Ruhi Dhawan

You are interested in applying for scholarship in applying for a scholarship program to study at a forign university. Write a letter to inquire about the course

Explain which course you are interested

Tell what you know about the industry

Explain why you should receive the scholarship


Dear Sir,

Greetings for the day!

I, RuhiDhawan, with Indian nationality, penning down this letter to express my interest in scholarship program that is offered by your university.

Being a science student,it could prove a golden opportunity for me to get enrolled in quantum physics course, not pursuable in my native land whereas, if available, cost is unbearable. Owing to research done on your university , it seems to be only reliable option  that can let me complete my dreams in the subject; further facilities provided are another factor towards my keenness to get into your system.

Since graduation, I always brought laurels to my institutions,besides, zest and zeal to learn everything profoundly are key characteristics portrayed before you to consider me as priority. Despite this there is patent modal in quantum field which is one by me on international level.

A favorable response is being anticipated.

Faithfully yours


You are about to go on vacation for a month. A friend from another town will come and stay in you apartment

Write a letter to this friend. In your letter

Explain where your friend can get the key to the apartment

Give you friend some instruction about using your apartment

Recommend some places to go

Dear John,

I hope you’re well and looking forward to stay at my place. I’m just writing to tell you a few things that you’ll need to know.

The first thing you’ll need to do is pick up the keys from one of my neighbors. Just pop round to the number 10 any time after 5pm and ask for Sarah. She’ll be expecting you and will tell you about the keys. If the weather gets a bit warmer, you might want to turn the heating off, just look for the boiler in the kitchen and look for on/off switch. You can also open the window using one of the keys, but please shut them if you go out.

The only other thing to tell you is that there’ll be a festival in the town centre during the second week of your visit. It would definitely be worth checking out. And don’t forget to go to restaurant I told you about. It’s “The Grill’ and it’s just across the street.

Enjoy your stay and look after the flat.

Lovingly yours

Ruhi dhawan

You are working in an English speaking country; recently you came to know that person who lives near your home offers English lessons. Write a letter to the person

1 Tell him/her how you got to know about lesson

2 explain why you are interested in this lesson

3 say when and where you want to have lessons

Dear Sir,

I , Ruhi Dhawan, resident of India ,migrated to Canada few days ago , on a work permit, penning down this letter to request you to provide English classes

Had I not read the newspaper, I have not come to know about the course mentioned in the newspaper. To grab the opportunity, I have rented the apartment nearby your home ,so the timing is not a problem for attending the lessons of English. By joining the course not only mine communication skills but also level of confidence will be enhanced as currently I am working as a sales girl in one of the renowned company “Dell Internationals” in Canada.

Evening classes are suitable for me at your place , owing to my morning hectic schedule.  It would be great if you can render me the service as per my convenience.

Thanks in anticipation

Sincerely yours,

Ruhi dhawan

1 Tell him/her how you got to know about lesson

2 explain why you are interested in this lesson

3 say when and where you want to have lessons

Dear Sir,

I , Ruhi Dhawan, resident of India ,migrated to Canada few days ago , on a work permit, penning down this letter to request you to provide English classes

Had I not read the newspaper, I have not come to know about the course mentioned in the newspaper. To grab the opportunity, I have rented the apartment nearby your home ,so the timing is not a problem for attending the lessons of English. By joining the course not only mine communication skills but also level of confidence will be enhanced as currently I am working as a sales girl in one of the renowned company “Dell Internationals” in Canada.

Evening classes are suitable for me at your place , owing to my morning hectic schedule.  It would be great if you can render me the service as per my convenience.

Thanks in anticipation

Sincerely yours,

Ruhi dhawan

You recently noticed a local restaurant that was offering a part-time job. Write a letter to the restaurant’s manager. In your letter,

– explain that you would like to apply for the job
– give some details of any relevant experience that you have
– specify the days and times that would suit you


Dear sir,

I ,Ruhi Dhawan , penning down this letter to show my   interest in your job advertisement for a chef that I saw posted on the local village board. As I have currently moved to Gurugram as a qualified chef, I would like to apply for this position.

From the job description it was noticed  that you require someone who can both cook in a creative and healthy way, and who can communicate with and manage staff in an effective manner. My previous job was as an assistant chef at Brew’s restaurant in Delhi, where I was responsible for preparing all the dishes on the restaurant’s menu and coming up with inventive recipes to present to the head chef. I am also personally very interested in healthy living and this is always reflected in how I cook. I was also responsible at Brew’s for managing the cleaning and serving staff at the restaurant, in which capacity I found I was able to build good working relationships with all the staff in my responsibility.

I noticed that this is a part-time job. My preferred days for working would be Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons and evenings. I would be available until late at night on those days and I would also be able to work two Saturdays of each month.

Waiting for positive and prompt response.

Sincerely yours,

Dilpreet kaur

You have seen an advertisement in an English newspaper for a job working in a city museum shop during the holidays. You decide to apply for the job. Write a letter to the director of museum .in your letter

1 introduce yourself

2 explain what experience and social skills you have

3 explain why you are interested in the job

Dear sir/Madam,

Greetings for the day!

I, Ruhidhawan , resident of Pune , penning down this letter in response  to your current job recruitment in Esteem Daily for working in museum.

Kindly allow me to elaborate about my expertise and capabilities. Firstly,  my post graduation with world history as a major subject  has just completed with flying colors Secondly, working at this place is my area of interest. Moreover, this was much awaited opportunity to well spend my vacations.

Another cogent reason ,why I am ken for this job is, my three years part time experience which has fetched by me during my college days. Despite this, good command over English as well as French is my other positive point, making me suitable for task.

I am in dire need of this employment ,being elder son of the family responsibility falls on my shoulders to fulfill the needs of the family.

Positive and prompt response is being anticipated.

Faithfully yours,

Ruhi dhawan

As an overseas employee, write a resignation letter to your employer due to an emergency at home

1 Reason for leaving

2 date of departure

3 things that you love about your job

Dear Sir,

I,Ruhi  Dhawan, current senior manager in your company ,penning down this letter to resign from my designation , owing to my responsibilities towards family.

Being the  only child of my parents,it’s my prime accountability to look after their health. Recently, my father told me about an unexpected exigency at home that my mother is suffering from serious heart disease.  To avoid any further complication, need to get her surgery done as soon as possible.

Considering it major threat, doctor had advised operation to be performed within coming fortnight. So I have booked flight to my homeland on 25th Feburary. For this,`                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              permission to leave the company is required . Last but not least, I had wonderful experience working under your leadership. Firm provided me to fetch immense knowledge, also learning French language. All my dues will be submitted to vice president Mr Anuj Goyal before my departure. Hope my predicaments will be considered.

Waiting  for your reply.

Sincerely yours,

Ruhi dhawan




you are looking for a part time job at a football club . write a letter to manager of football club. in your letter

  1. introduce yourself
  2. explain what experience and special skills you have
  3. tell him / her when you think you could start


Dear sir/madam ,

Greetings for the day !


I, ruhi dhawan , a trained football teacher with qualification of bachelors in physical education is writing this letter in regard to part –time job vacancy in your auspicious sports club .


since five years I have been working in Punjab government’s sports academy as a football trainer  besides diet nutritionist . Before this I had been the part of state football team as captain .being captain I had not only bought laurels to my state but also rewarded as best player for 3 consecutive years  by Chief Minister of Punjab. Apart from this, I served as a coach in national football tournament organized last month. Besides this , I owe excellent communication skills and inter personal skills.


Being idle in evening hours from 3 o’ clock to 10 o, clock which is suitable as per your club’s schedule, I can join as soon as you prefer.


Anticipating for a positive response.


Sincerely yours,

Ruhi dhawan

You have recently learned about an opening for an internship at a local company that you are interested in. Write a letter to the director of the company. In your letter,

  • introduce yourself
  • explain how you learned about the internship
  • explain why you would be suitable for the internship


Dear Sir/Madam,

I, Ruhi Dhawan, penning down this letter to you to express my sincere interest in the internship which you recently advertised. Currently I am a graphic design student at Punjabi University in Patiala and am in my third year of study. My hometown is Patiala and has lived my entire life in the region and has also long been an admirer of your firm.

I learned about the internship from an advertisement I saw last week in Business newspaper. I am interested in finding an internship and frequently read this publication in search of suitable opportunities. The moment I saw your company’s advertisement, I knew the position was perfect for me.

I would be a great addition to your team at Periscope because I am very passionate about graphic design, and also have an educational background that fits your firm’s criteria. I would love to explore this passion during an internship, and am also very familiar with your firm and the region.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


Maria Maldonado

You were recently impressed by a staff member at a store. Write a letter describing your appreciation. In your letter include –

  • What the situation was
  • How you were helped  
  •  what you are going to do as a result of this good experience

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you express my appreciation for the extra efforts exhibited by one of your staff. Their attention to my needs improved my experience with your company tremendously. Allow me to elaborate on what happened.

Basically, after boarding bright air flight BA10X2, I realized I had left one of my carry bags in the gate; I notified flight attendant Ms Burke immediately dashed of the plane to retrieve my lost luggage. I was astonished and pleasantly surprised her concern of my well being and I wanted to let you know that she is a member of your customers.

I hope my letter highlights to you the heightened people skills Ms Burke brings to you organization. Just because of her actions, I will surely fly in your active again and recommend it to all my friends.

Thanks in anticipation,

Faithfully yours,

Ishu Dhawan


You and some friends ate a meal at a restaurant to celebrate a special occasion, and you were very pleased with the food and service.

  • Give details of your visit to the restaurant
  • Explain the reason for the celebration
  • Say what was good about the food and the service


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to thank you and your staff for making my friend’s birthday celebration so pleasurable last Friday evening.

We were looking for a decent restaurant in town to celebrate the birthday of my friend. We saw that your restaurant has an excellent rating on the Zomato app, so we decided to visit it.

One of my best friends, Louise turned 30 last Friday. Also, she is moving overseas with her partner next month; it is going to be a new chapter in her life. Thus, it was a very special occasion for our friend group of five to get together and celebrate.

We ordered the special banquet which was recommended on your menu, and it was absolutely a great recommendation. The food was amazingly delicious, and we could try almost everything on the menu in perfect portions. Moreover, the staff members were very friendly and accommodating. They served us carefully and attended to our needs the whole night. This made my friends and I felt very pleased and happy with our celebration.

My friends and I would like to thank you again for your wonderful food and customer service.

Yours faithfully,

Grusha Malah

You have worked for a company for a short time during your college course. Write a letter to the head of department expressing your gratitude. In your letter, you should

  • thank the head of department
  • explain how this has helped you
  • say what your future plans are


Dear Sir,


I, Ruhi Dhawan, penning down this letter to thank you for all your support and guidance that you provided me throughout internship period in your company.


Being the head of Data Analytics department, you made sure that I was involved in various projects after undergoing necessary hands-on training. Though I spent only a short period of time, your supervision has shaped me a lot. I was able to learn how things work in real time and also the key skills required in Analytics field.


I am glad to let you know that with this experience I managed to get into a reputed MNC as a Junior Data Scientist. Since, it is a full time job; I plan to devote all my time to become an expert in this field. I also aim to move to the next level in another couple of years


Once again thank you very much!


Sincerely yours,


Ruhi Dhawan


You and some friends ate a meal at a restaurant to celebrate a special occasion, and you were very pleased with the food and service. Write a letter to the restaurant manager. In your letter

  • give details of your visit to the restaurant
  • explain the reason for the celebration
  • say what was good about the food and the service

Dear Mr.Singh,

I , Ruhi Dhawan, native of Sangrur penning down this letter to let you know that I really enjoyed a meal at your restaurant last weekend, and here is my appreciation for all the hard work and the efforts made by your staff.

It was my husband’s birthday so six friends were  invited  to join us for a meal to celebrate. We were given a wonderful table with a garden view and felt that the overall atmosphere was really pleasant. From the music to the decorations, it was an enchanting evening that we will all remember in coming years too.

The food, of course, was excellent. We chose the restaurant because we had been once before and really enjoyed the Italian. This time we were even more impressed, particularly by the pasta, the taste, the presentation everything was beyond words. We were also really happy with how much attention the waiting staff paid to us.

Thanks again for a wonderful evening.

Sincerely yours,

Ruhi Dhawans


You recently spent a weekend with your friend in her/his new house. Write a letter to your friend.

  • explain what you like about his new house
  • tell what you enjoyed most during your staying
  • Suggest when and where you could meet next time with her/him.


Hi Anna,

 Hope you’re doing great. I treasure the weekend spent with you. I’m filled with glee whenever I think about the time we spent together.

You’ve got a beautiful house. I was very impressed. I loved the varying shades of red that you’ve painted your kitchen in. The bamboo planted near the window side adds to the beauty of the kitchen. It is believed that bamboo brings positive vibrations and I hope it does. 

Also, you cook amazingly well. The cake you baked was my favorite even though I loved your lemon tart. The icing on the cake was amazing. Having had the cake with the light of an incense candle was beautiful. It’s a memory that I would never forget. I gobbled up about three fourths of the cake and it was really kind of you to let me. Thank you! 

I hope to meet you again, very soon. You should come and stay with me in Alaska. I’ll try making strawberry tarts; you’re favorite, though I am a disaster in the kitchen. Don’t hesitate to visit. I’m eagerly waiting for your arrival. 

Looking forward to seeing you

Lovingly yours,

Ruhi Dhawan

Many countries aim to improve their living standard by economic development, but some important social values are lost as a result. Do you think the advantages of economic development outweigh the disadvantages?

It is always been witnessed that a vast sum of nations target monetary growth causing extinction of crucial moral believes.  Exploitation of culture is the only drawback having negligible significance in front of its umpteen merits ranging from national growth and employment.

Undeniably, having more emphasis on financial outputs mounts adverse effects on social values of community. The first and foremost is the tendency to leave the communal believes behind considering money as first priority. To put it easily, if individuals focus more to grow financially then they may unconsciously abandon the norms inculcated in them to survive in society. Hence, several necessary cultural believes would wipe off from personal and official levels.

Admittedly, economic gains make can make any country competent to fetch multifarious benefits. The most salient one is the colossal rise in economic status of community due to ceaseless supply of funds. To elaborate it, monetary outputs instill encouragement in people to conquer the phenomenal targets as they would have continuous investments to endow. As a result, more and more laurels would be brought to the nation at global level.

Additionally, establishment of new projects to earn bucks facilitates surging employment rates. To explicate it, developing firms need workforce with enthusiasm and skill to withstand the sky rocketing competition and they approach to such kind of people by catering them desired wages. Thus, number of capable candidates secure jobs and get their bread and butter to spend a comfortable life.

 In conclusion, although loss of cultural values is the adverseness associated with the rising economy, not only rising respect internationally but also creating job vacancies, superseding its cons.

The threat of nuclear weapons maintains world peace. Nuclear power provides cheap and clean energy. The benefits of nuclear technology far outweigh the disadvantages. Do you agree or disagree?

 It is always been a contentious issue that nuclear power poses disastrous menace on international tranquility despite its significant usage as affordable and environment friendly nature. Although consistency favours its usage; however, considering unmanageable wreckage and unbearable implementation cost, I believe aforementioned notion to be flawed.

Undoubtedly, atomic power has various long term benefits which cannot be ignored. The most salient one is consistent supply maintained by these energy resources. To simplify, nuclear plants are competent to provide power without any halt because of their reliable nature in comparison to other renewable resources of energy like solar radiations. As a result, it presents an excellent opportunity to cope with the shortage of non renewable resources which are at brink of extinction.

Admittedly, although nuclear energy imparts significant benefit of emitting negligible amount of nasty gases in environment but it produces considerable amount of non biodegradable waste in surroundings. To put it easily, nuclear resources of energy leave heaps of hazardous material imposing unpropitious repercussions on humanity which last for prolonged period of time. Consequently, human race becomes the victim of severe health ailments and ecological calamities.

Irrefutably, production of nuclear energy is directly linked with the final burden on authorities. To explicate it, establishment and maintenance of huge nuclear plants seek great endowments by legal bodies to ensure the safety standards. For instance, workers dealing with radioactive components need safety gears and back up plans to confront the predicted challenges. Adding more it, land filling of waste is cumbersome task because of the adversities involved in it. Therefore, authorities need to endow big chunks of money mounting unendurable burden on government exchequer.

In conclusion, ceaseless flow of energy opposes reliance on nuclear power. Owing to deleterious radioactive substances coupled with management cost, I assert above notion to be unpropitious.

In many cities the use of video cameras in public places is being increased in order to reduce crimes, but some people believe that these measures restrict our individual freedom. Do the benefits of increased security outweigh the drawbacks?

It is generally acknowledged that installation of surveillance cameras has curbed the incidences of illegal activities. While, few echelons of society opine that it invades in liberty. Interference in the private space is the demerit which is less significant in front of its merits which are public safety and convenience of law makers.

Admittedly, this trend digs several pitfalls in the life of general public. The primary one is the regulation of independence caused by continuous monitoring under cameras. To put it easier, people believe that they have sovereignty to perform the activities imparting pleasure to them and while being under continuous observation they feel harassed and uncomfortable. Consequently, everybody welcome this measure with dismay as they are concerned about their secrecy.

Paradoxically, CCTV camera can considerably mitigate the unauthorized activities in the society. To elaborate it, if all the public buildings are provided with the security cameras then there will be a feeling of being caught in the criminals, mounting effect on their psyche as they  would think twice before committing any crime. As a result, there will be establishment of tranquil and crime free society.

Adding more to it, observation cameras offer great deal of ease to legal bodies to solve complicated cases. To make it more clear, recorded footages and videos serve as an evidence to catch the law breakers performing felonies. Apart from this, such kinds of proofs sometimes assist the authorities to untangle the nexus of unappreciable acts happening around the world. Therefore, investigation teams may get some relaxation while solving complex cases.

In conclusion, although exposure of private life is an adverseness involved in the usage of CCTV cameras, not only environment of peace at communal areas but also legal usage of material, superseding its pros.

Every year several languages die out. Some people think that this is not important because life will be easier if there are fewer languages in the world. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion

It is always been a contentious issue that whether presence of less number of languages can make life more convenient. Although cultural exploitation opposes this idea, considering ease of communication and elimination of heterogeneity, I believe above notion to be fruitful.

Admittedly, having single language of conduct gives birth to the considerable issue of extinction of cultural believes. To explicate it, culture of particular place has a direct link with the language of that region creating sense of honour regarding country which may get broken with the omission of language. Therefore, few echelons opine that invisibility of language may defenestrate the prolonged cultural morals and feelings.

Paradoxically, another significant argument acknowledges that one single language system acts as a precursor of several benefits for mankind. The first and foremost is the convenient communication among the dwellers of distinct localities. To make clear, when everyone has similar way of conduct then languages barriers would be negligible as compared to multiple language systems. Consequently, conversations would be effortless as speakers need to put less endeavour while talking.

Additionally, use of one language promotes the homogeneity around the globe. To put it easily, if people have same language then interaction among those would enhance amalgamating the nexalite thoughts present in their mind by understanding the view point of others. Hence, it would leads to the both outcomes including suppression of emotional aversion and spread of integrity.

In conclusion, the adversity of culture loss presents the negative of one language all over the world. Owing to relaxing conversations and reduction in hate, this trend can be considered useful.

In some places, old age is valued, while in other cultures youth is considered more important. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is always been matter of concern which out of two contributes more in the welfare of society -grey generation or youngsters. Admittedly, extreme expertise favours the former; however, considering high work efficiency and potential to bring change, I believe latter has an edge over it.

Undoubtedly, there are numerous reasons why senior citizens are required for the growth of mankind. The most salient one is the in-depth knowledge and experience exhibited by them.  To elaborate it, old age people have already confronted extreme adversities throughout their life which outshines them as critical thinkers, making them capable for taking rational decisions. Therefore, young ones become competent to pave a path of success under the valuable guidance of their seniors.

Paradoxically, a vast majority of echelons across the world greatly admire youth dint of several aspects. The first and foremost is growing generation are infused with the physical and mental abilities to present positive and consistent outcomes. To explicate it, youngsters are holistically fit to endure the pressure exerted by the overwhelming competition to improve the global economical status. Thus, working capacity of young blood helps them to fetch the financial gains for community.

Additionally, young minds can introduce interesting and rare ideas to break the monotony of traditional working criteria. To put it easily, their enthusiasm and desire to prevail ambition motivate them to perform exceptionally well in all spheres. Consequently, hard work coupled with internal encouragement pushes young individuals to polish themselves to upgrade their standard of living by modifying the pre existing believes and norms around themselves to engender the prosperous environment.

In conclusion, although prolonged learning from life inclines the focus towards the older generation, not only holistic endurance but also confidence to implement new policies incline the focus towards youngsters.