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Some people are in the opinion that virtual shopping is useful while others say that it poses threat. Discuss both views and give your opinion?

Irrefutably, the rate of in-store shopping has plunged due to the up surging opportunities for buying distinct products from online stores. Few masses believe it is advantageous with regard to personal benefits, whilst others are with mindset it is menace to personal financial information. Even I assert, e-shopping has made the life handy and opportune.

Ostensibly, the trend of online shopping is mushrooming at sky rocketing rate. First and foremost cause of its popularity is convenience that is easily evident by scrolling hundreds of websites available on internet. Due to its user friendlier interface, populace being busy in corporate world, hardly has time to visit physically in showroom luxuriates in browsing internet for shopping. Besides this, superstores sometimes run shortage of products in precise moment whereas online modes rarely have had such crisis. For illustration, according to an article published in renown magazine majority of people love to do e-shopping owing easy availability of products following the pattern from developed country like USA. Therefore, e-shopping gives folk’s magnificent prospect of time-saving.

Paradoxically, through shopping on internet looks very promising, it is not without its setback. Firstly, malicious websites often contain popup advertisements derailing the young minds. Also sometimes cybercriminals set up fake shopping platforms, where they add alluring product at cheap prices asking people to pay online. As soon as payment is done, the link of the site disappears. Not only this, scammers use skimming devices, phishing techniques and other tricks to steal your credit card in information of buyer and hard earned money. Henceforth, having copious benefits such demerits cannot be overshadowed.

In compendium, albeit virtual shoppers avail many benefits as compared to offline shoppers converting such shopping to stress-free experience. However, sometimes client gets deceived with respect to financial matters. In my consummate accord, virtual shopping has copious advantages with regard to easeful access as well hustle free working operations provided efficacious firewall software to be installed.



Q: Nowadays many people go for shopping in their free time. Shopping has replaced many other activities that people used to choose as their hobby. What are the reasons for this positive and negative development?



Jitendra Kumar

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Jitendra Kumar