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Nowadays many people have access to computers on a wide basis and a large number of children play computer games. What are the negative impacts of playing computer games and what can be done to minimize the bad effects?

Since the inception of digital machines, divergence of young generation has been evident towards computer based games rather than physical activities. Excessive indulgence in such technical traps is affecting the child’s brain by causing neurological disorders and lack of quality time to impart for academics, whereas, involvement in outdoor games and time limitation can nullify its repercussions.

Video games allure children impacting drastically on their mental health in many ways. First and foremost, virtual reality graphics of these games hypnotize human brain which leaves them in a state of loop to continue the same process. Certainly, long exposure to same kind of field curbs brain cell activities. Moreover, suppresses blood circulation because of inactivity of other non voluntary muscles. Ultimately, this leads to serious mental problems. Apart from this, contributing qualitative time span luxuriating in these games generates circumstances, responsible in distracting them from studies. Where learners do not take part in academic activities, they lag behind in studies. For instance, in a report published in ‘Express Journal’ revealed, most of the learners under 16 in India, faced failure because they had negligible time to study after playing video games. Hence, these games have worth questioning Impacts on human lives.

Cognizance about outdoor games can prove conducive in eliminating ill-effects of online games. By providing proper guidance to children as well as guidance of parents can constructively resolve this concern. This will not only upsurge child’s capabilities in academics, but also enhance their physical health. Besides this, restricting monitor time would also eradicate this problem completely. Hence, these measures seem fruitful in this regard.

In compendium, albeit, there might be multifarious benefits of playing digital games, however adverseness on mental health and physical capabilities of children cannot be ignored. All these effects can be minimized provided safety measures to be followed frequently.





Jitendra Kumar

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Jitendra Kumar