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In many countries, traditional food is replaced by international fast food. What are its adverse effects on families, individuals and society?

Discuss with examples.

Ostensibly, divergence of teens towards junk food is increasing at sky rocketing rate rather than having homemade food. There are certain deleterious effects of this mushrooming fashion with regard to health and integration in family whereas fading of cultural food norm from community.

Undoubtedly, street food is scrumptious as well as tempting. However, it has influenced the eating habit of all age groups in house. First cogent reason for this is, growing trend of corporate work, as it satiate the needs of working families allowing them to eat anytime and anywhere. This trend undermined the family bond owing to family members are less likely to spend time together, since cooking at home allows family members to gather and exchange ideas on family related matters. Therefore, this weakens the emotional ties between each other. In an epitome, according to survey conducted by renowned magazine majority of people in developed countries like USA prefer packed food because of their witch work schedule, so have less time to spend with their family over the few recent years. Therefore, junk food has adversely affected relations in certain families.

Additionally, the popularity of fast food across the globe is also disturbing the societies. For example, as people are inclined towards convenience food, the traditional foods are losing their significance. In other words, as every region has its specific food specialty, whilst with the introduction of international foods they are disappearing. In this way, the whole communities will face unfavorable impacts in terms of losing their traditional values. For illustration, Guajarati famous dish Dhokla, Punjabi food mustard leaf and Japanese well known Sabo dishes have been replaced with Pizza’s Burger king, KFC’s  and many more. Therefore, growing trend of international food is threat to conventional food.

In compendium, the effects of international fast food are CA conventional classification. These multi cuisines not only have an opposite effect and people’s health but also pose a threat to traditional food culture and family relationships.





Jitendra Kumar

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Jitendra Kumar