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In some countries, there are fewer young people who listen to or play classical music these days. Why is this? Should young people be encouraged to play or perform classical music?

Declination in number of classical music lovers has been evident in every sphere of life. Availability of diverse types of modern music styles is the prominent reason behind the obsolescence of vintage state of music, whereas cognizance about multifarious benefits can prove exemplary for young minds.

Diversification of music styles has bridged gap between young generation and symphonic music .This is because amusement involved in former case is as per the young ones state. Apart from this, adults being energetic and less patient favor to enjoy contemporary forms such as jazz, pop which are according to their psychological needs. However, classical music being monotonous and slow did not get apathy in listening and playing. For example, there are only negligible sections of classical music cassettes in shopping centers in modern times, depicting their favoritism towards pop music rather than classical. Thence, ease in listening to techno and rock music is accountable for above mentioned divergence.

Nevertheless, due to many cognitive benefits, the young ought to be motivated to perform or listen operatic music. Certainly, calmness involved in this type of music not only relaxes one’s mind but also enhances focusing power. Moreover, while playing instruments, an individual can develop lateral thinking and fine motor skills that are vital for everyone. For instance, parents, who have awareness of efficaciousness in playing and listening music, have involved their children in it.

In conclusion, dominance of pop music styles has diverted people’s interest in other forms. Whilst, interference of parents can work wonder in this era of shorter attention and immediate gratification provided children took it optimistically.





Jitendra Kumar

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Jitendra Kumar