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In many countries women are allowed to take maternity leave from their jobs during the first month after the birth of their baby. Does advantage outweigh disadvantages?

It is always been a matter of debate whether paid leave offered to females after embracing motherhood brings fruitful results for them or not. Compromise with career is the adverseness associated with it which is less significant in front of its merits ranging from convalescences and sophisticated child care.

Admittedly, maternity leave digs various pitfalls for the forthcoming life of new mothers. The most salient one is that females have to make numerous adjustments with their professional life due to the pressure of personal life. To put it easily, they need to take responsibility of baby along with them causing imbalance in their home and work place. Hence, it becomes quite cumbersome for them to manage this pressure posing adversities on their occupation.

Paradoxically, official leave provided to female employees give rise several favourable outcomes for them. The first and foremost is the availability of required time period to recover after it delivering young one as they become mentally and physically vulnerable because of the harsh treatments encountered during pregnancy. Therefore, with the provision of recommended time period they can get over the alternation happened in their gestation months and heal properly.

Additionally, continuous presence of mother affects the growth of new born rationally. To elaborate it, children show exceptional attachment with their birth givers as their emotions are linked with them strongly. Adding more to it, only a mother is able to take care of her offspring appropriately due to the deep concern in regard to desired upbringing. So, it is vicinity with motherliness is pivotal for holistic development of babies.

In conclusion, maternity leave has deleterious effects on women career, not only much needed rejuvenation but also better maturation of new one superseding its cons.



QUES : All fathers should be entitled to time-off from work when their children are born. What is your opinion?



Jitendra Kumar

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Jitendra Kumar