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  Open plan officer offer a better working environment for staff than s normal office. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Admittedly, in contemporary world, trend to work in open plan offices has been exponentially plunged rather than in working closed plan offices. Even, I assert, having cubical type working area not only benefits a company by making communication convenient, but also assists supervisors to concentrate unanimously at a time.

Having an open ambience certainly enables employers to conversate freely which would be conducive to strengthen prowess to work collaboratively. Moreover, being feasible to communicate at any instant saves one’s time, whereas paramount information can be shared instantly to up surging productivity of company as every bit of time is preserved to work efficiency. Apart from this, supervision of higher authorities in open plan offices can be centralized because they can observe each individual. Eventually this fosters discipline in working employees to enhance efficiency in work. For example, UK is a leading country to follow above mentioned system, evidencing upsurgement in overall development of ventures, since inception of cubical type working plans. Thus, it is worth appreciable to consider open-plan offices.

Paradoxically, closed-plan offices are efficacious as these provide non-divergent circumstances to working people. Unless individual did not get personal cabin to focus, it is cumbersome task for everyone to work precisely. Therefore, normal-plan offices are considerably propitious to develop candid approach among staff members. Hence, normal offices are also productive for enterprise’s growth.

In compendium, albeit normal offices have multifarious applications to enhance productivity of workface however open-plan offices have overlapped these utilizations being feasible and convenient for staff. In my opinion, rate of development of any company can be multiplied by provision of such ambience provided distractions to be handled appropriately.





Jitendra Kumar

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Jitendra Kumar