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Tourism is an ever growing industry. What benefits and drawbacks it brings to individuals and society?

Undoubtedly, tourism generates a significant portion of national income for many countries along with providing jobs to local people; whilst, it has certain drawbacks too in terms of damage to natural beauty of the tourist spot as well as development of certain offences.

It is pertinent to mention, the first and foremost advantage of developed tourism industry is boost in country’s economy. As, tourists spend money on a wide range of services, including hotels, amusements, transportation, food and medical services. This way, tourism yields an additional income, greatly supporting the country’s economy. Secondly, tourism increases the level of employment by bringing new jobs. To illustrate, the influx of tourists results in a larger demand in restaurant workers, tour guides, hotel staff and employees of retail services, exhorting business owners to hire more people for these positions. Thence, it leads to provision of work to indigenous people.

On the flip side, deterioration of popular tourist destinations takes place. In other words, ancient buildings, temples and monuments struggle to cope with a vast amount of visitor’s traffic and get damaged. Moreover, the large number of tourists can cause environment problems. What is more, development of illegal economic activities is the demerit of travelling. To elaborate, the presence of a considerable number of tourists with a lot of money to spend, and often carrying valuables such as cameras and jewellery, increases the attraction for criminals and brings with it unlawful like snatching, pick pocketing. Thus, due to above reasons, tourism proves disadvantages for the nation.

To conclude, although tourism can have certain negative effects like destructive impact and growth of crime rate, however it has an extremely positive influence on country’s economy and provides a large number of new jobs for the local people.



Q: As a result of tourism, many historical buildings and sites are being damaged beyond repair. What could be done to prevent this?



Jitendra Kumar

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Jitendra Kumar