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Some people say patriotism causes problems and is negative overall. Others feel that it is beneficial for society at large.

Do the advantages of patriotism outweigh its disadvantages?

It is always been contentious issue whether patriotism supplements the welfare of society or not. Admittedly, provocation of inter country racial emotions is the only demerit having less significance in front of its merits ranging from prosperity to tranquility of nation.

Undeniably, several issues are responsible for welcoming the patriotism with dismay. The primary one is the insurgence in racism by portraying the maligned image of patriot among general public striking sharply on their belief. To put it easily, some echelons of society are incompetent to keep a thin gap between being patriotic and racist. Consequently, their prejudice for foreign natives gives birth to felonies in society digging pitfalls against their opponents.

Paradoxically, opulence imparted to country is the obvious benefit stemming out from patriotism instilled in particular community. To elaborate it, when individuals make ceaseless effort to boost the economy of land to which they belong, complementing the finance of country holistically. As a result, incessant endeavor by natives encourages a nation to acquire the monetary gains to flourish at global level among its competitors.

Moreover, presence of patriotic population in any region assists to maintain the reposefulness in that specific area. To explicate it, having such groups around opposes the criminal delinquencies and criminal riots evoked by aggressive masses engendering abominate towards others. In other words, absence of aversion at every place emboldens the secularism and blasphemy which creates restfulness making easy survival for everyone.

To conclude, it can be said that undoubtedly patriotism brings hostility which is certainly overshadowed by its fruitful aspects including tremendous wealth and calmness.



QUES : Being patriotic to one’s country helps identify who we are. All countries should celebrate a “National Day” such as Australia Day as a public holiday. To what extent do you agree or disagree?



Jitendra Kumar

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Jitendra Kumar