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Many people believe that reducing speed limits is the best option for road safety improvement. Do you think, there are others measures that could be put in place?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?

Limiting speed is considered as the safest zone on roads; however, I firmly believe modern innovative characterized vehicles and road betterment are thinkable factors too. Not only it saves the life but time as well, alternatively some economical and ecological disturbances can occur.

Admittedly, handling speed part is not as much as improvable in order to combat road accidents. Now, the significant question arises is, what can be done to improve safety on the road? Significantly, duty is on the head of the government to reconstruct roads at the expense of poorly constructed path .After analyzing the population trend, highways can be built so that vehicles can run in lanes. Moreover, others fruitful measures have to be done like sign posts on each side of road and roundabouts. Manufacturing dual mode cars are another safety provider modes .By this worry of driving gets reduced because it is handled by computer system. Thus, these are possible factors with regard to safety.

Irrefutably, the provision of good road work and technology is advantageous in numerous ways. Primarily, if paths are well renovated, risky remarks of life will dwindle as a person is able to run their vehicle without any obstacles. Furthermore, availability of signs is really beneficial to direct the right direction during day and night time .Additionally by dint of easiest mode, reaching to work station becomes comfy. Having the source of technological based cars, risk of accidents gets dwindled. A partly time is saved by smooth roads because of no need of reducing speed at frequent intervals. Thus these are the merits if measures.

Paradoxically, are these efforts served as boon for contemporary world? Certainly not. The reason behind is that human beings’ first priority is their life, in the effort to secure this; they initiate to use vehicles in higher amount. Along with fuel consumption, vehicles are more on road, by dint of this traffic congestion is faced by masses. With the assistance of more private vehicle users, financial problems are suffered by public transportation. To construct new infrastructure, government has no any funds. In addition to it, emission of fossil fuels becomes the reason of lowering air quality. Eventually, breathing problems are in vogue amid people due to air pollution. Thus, these are the demerits.

In conclusion, despite lowering speed numbers, adequate infrastructure and intuitive technology can be considered with regard to cease road accidents. I believe these solutions are advantageous for safety and time savage; however ecological balance disturbs too. It should be used in limited amount so that safe zone can be maintained.






Q: Some people think that governments should invest mainly in making public transportation faster while other think there are more important priorities (cost, the environment). Discuss both views and give your own opinion.




Jitendra Kumar

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Jitendra Kumar