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Marketing and promotion is the key to a successful business. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

Ostensibly, in the arena of globalization, marketing and promotion plays a pivotal role in enhancing the productivity of any organization. However, I assert that other factors such as quality of production and proficiency of employees also imparts vital role in this regard.

Undoubtedly, first step to run any entrepreneur requires marketing at its early stage because it is conducive in valuable research, price fixing and unveiling the launching location of the product. Such factors are beneficial for the long term survival in the competitive market.

Also, campaigns and advertisements are categorized under marketing, ensuring consumers acknowledge the brand presence as well as discount offers. Since the inception of technology, mode of promotion has become handy with digital media, owing to they create attractive presentation that draws public’s interest. Therefore booming the sale of the article, not only this, promotion string them the bond between consumer and seller too. Henceforth, marketing with promotion are the leading factors for mushrooming outcomes of any sector.

Indeed, marketing alone cannot guarantee a successful business. Also the way product is manufactured and its maintenance are fundamental for the product to prosper. A poor quality product, marketed to its best cannot survive in long run. So the manufacturer need to be very careful, skilled and innovative staff is also crucial for any company. How can a organization lead without Innovation? Definitely not, and innovation is only in the hands of talented work force. Therefore, Services and hardworking of staff also contributes to growth of business.

To conclude, albeit marketing and promotion are balancing wheels for the development of a sector, however I believe factors like sustainability of product and new techniques are also imperative for leading the trade to exceptional height.      





Jitendra Kumar

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Jitendra Kumar