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Some people think that children should receive formal training at school on how to be good parents in the future. Do you agree or disagree with this statement


Acquaintance of parenting prowess is, indubitably, significant in contemporary world. Does the argument that it must be a part of school education hold any logic? Considering impractical approach, immature mind set along with diversion from academics, I find the above argument to be flawed.

Teaching learners in school premises about parenting is illogical. This is because simulation of real environment is neither possible nor it can be relevant to the demand of realistic situation if created; further, children can hardly imitate what they are supposed to be, leading to futile results.

In addition to this, their age is another reason for refusing the same notion. Since an individual at an age of 18-20 will not be able to understand the responsibilities as intellect is not fully developed. Lack of these skills will either cause partial learning or misinterpretation of training lessons.

Imitating to be a parent will surely affect students learning process. The reason behind this is as children being curious to learn something different, would probably spend more time in role playing which will not only consume their precious time but also make them reluctant to other subjects consequently overall development of pupil can have adverse impacts in regard to future.

In conclusion, owing to hypothetical consideration, tender age besides in utilization of time, I am convinced that introducing parenthood classes is not a wise ideology.





Jitendra Kumar

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Jitendra Kumar