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Nowadays, the football supporters behave violently. What is the cause? How can we solve it?

Vandalism is an evident activity among followers of football game globally. There are multifarious means of it origin. However, team bonding and wagering can be considered prominent one. To alleviate destructive violence, stringent acts by governing body as well as cognizance about repercussion of violent act might prove fruitful.

Ostensibly, audience of football game has tremendous enthusiasm while watching matches that transforms into brutality. Being spectator individuals cheer their respective country team which becomes the concern of conflicts, because every person shares same auditorium. Ubiquitous presence of random audience leads to brutal acts among followers of rivalry teams. Ultimately, results in wrong doings. Apart from this, people involve in wagering for players. Owing to this, it not only paves one’s way to money loss, but also initiates violence. For instance, in a report published in ‘express Journal’ revealed betting as a unanimous aspect for occurrence of football hooliganism. Thus, game lovers and inclusion of money in wrongful way is responsible for the same.

Eradication of these illicit activities can be combat by implementing effective measure. Mainly, governing bodies should impose strict laws against such adroitness. If anyone found guilty, there must be imprisonment ignoring the intensity of crime. Besides this, awareness about their activities must be provided to mankind in terms of end product of conflictions. Furthermore, media must forecast reasonable content related to damage made by spectators. Can these maneuvers work considerably? Certainly, even if any few people enact upon it, brutal acts can be diminished to large extent. Hence, interference of government and awareness about outcomes of vandalism would significantly deter it.

In compendium, even though there are copious factors attributing to riotous behavior , like affection of own country team and wagering. It can be resolved by government actions and awareness provided to be followed around the globe.





Jitendra Kumar

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Jitendra Kumar