Listening / Multiple Choice Type Question (MCQ) / PART 4


  1. In a previous lecture, Dr North talked about
  1. the Marine Habitat Research Unit.
  2. humankind's relationship with sailing.
  3. humankind's relationship with the sea.
  4. the cost of fishing.


  1. The focus of today's talk will be on
  1. problems the fishing industry faces worldwide.
  2. marine fish recipes.
  3. rare fish.
  4. European fishing problems.


  1. A book list and relevant articles can be
  1. found only in the lecture room.
  2. found on the Marine Habitat Research Unit website.
  3. found in the lecture room and on the department website.
  4. taken by students for a small fee.


  1. During the last century
  1. stocks of rare species have fallen dramatically.
  2. the world population has grown very fast.
  3. fishing has become less efficient but heavier.
  4. more people have decided to eat fish.


  1. As well as over-fishing, which of the following is a reason for fishing stocks being on the point of collapse in the Pacific?
  1. Ocean ecology has changed.
  2. Fishing has spread to international waters.
  3. Fish has become cheaper.
  4. Oceans are more polluted.


  1. In the UK
  1. fish used to be seen as a luxury.
  2. fish is not cheaper than meat.
  3. fish used to be seen as a cheap meal.
  4. food scares have driven people away from eating fish.