Listening / Matching / PART 2

Match Kevin’s problems over the weekend (A - J) with the solutions to the problems (questions 1 - 5).

1.Kevin had to spend some of his off-work time at the office.

2.The office systems were out of date.

3.The office systems initially wouldn’t accept the new software.

4.A bug got into the company’s computer systems.

5.The burglar alarm went off in the offices.


A.Kevin bought replacement computers                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

B.More antivirus protection was needed                                                                                                 

C.Fixed by the company’s antivirus protection                                                                                   

D.Kevin gave a password to the security firm

E.Kevin’s boss sorted the problem out

 F.Kevin received some extra holiday time

G.Kevin hired a consultant

H.Kevin ran an update

I.Kevin called a friend from the training

J.Kevin was paid a good bonus