Listening / Matching / PART 3

Match the situations in questions 1 - 5 with the appropriate room (A - I).

1.You’re new to the area and you want to find a school for your children.

2.You want to give money to the citizens advice office to help them.

3.You’ve been sacked from your job and you think it’s unfair.

4.You want to apply for unemployment money and you don’t know if you’re eligible.

5.You’ve bought a second hand car from a showroom, but it’s not working properly and the showroom won’t help you.

A.Reception                                            F. Room 18                                                                                  

B.Room 1                                                G. Room 25                                                                                 

C.Room 2                                                H. Room 27                                                                                 

D.Room 4                                                I. Room 29                                                                                   

E.Room 9