Listening / Multiple Choice Type Question (MCQ) / PART 6

1.What is Harry 's problem?

A.He doesn't want to sell his things.

B.He needs to decide what to do with his possessions.

C.He wants to take everything to England.


2.Which of the items below does Harry want to sell?

ac t1 p1








3.Where is Harry going to advertise his books for sale?

A.In the university bookshop.

B.In the student newspaper.

C.In the economics department.


4.Andrea thinks it is unlikely students will buy the furniture because...

A.They're all doing the same thing.

B.They live at home.

C.It's the summer vacation.


5.Andrea thinks that a second hand shop...

A.May not pay well.

B.May not take your goods.

C.May only take free goods