Listening / Multiple Choice Type Question (MCQ) / PART 8

1.Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental disorders classifies dyslexia as a

A.Writing disorder

B.Speaking disorder

C.Reading disorder

D.Understanding disorder


2.Symptoms of Dyslexia include

A.Difficulty in recognizing words

B.Difficulty in recognizing letter

C.Difficulty in recognizing Reading comprehension.

D.All of the above


3.Diagnosis for Dyslexia can be possible through

A.Single test


C.Medical treatment

D.Battery of tests by Specialists


4.Person with severe Dyslexia can never be a

A.Bad readers

B.Good readers

C.Mild readers

D.All of these


5.Dyslexia is a condition in which a person is not able to correctly process written words from

A.Brain to eyes

B.Eyes to brain

C.Brain to Nerves

 D.Eyes to Eyes


6.People with dyslexia have

A.Intelligent deficits and visual impairment

B.Speech and language difficulties

C.Special educational techniques

D.Inability to read and write


7.According to National Centre the percentage of  people having learning disabilities are

A.70 percent

B.80 percent

C.15 percent

D.4and 15 percent


8.According to International Dyslexia Association the percentage of students      receiving special education services are


B.70% and 80%