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The recreation and sports association

Welcome! The Recreation and Sports Association (RSA) provides recreational and sporting activities for students, staff, and the community. Students and staff have access to a wide variety of programmes ranging from meditation to Whitewater canoeing. Our Association offers all students and staff an opportunity to forget the rigours of college life, and involve themselves in healthy and enjoyable activities.

The RSA continues to forge links with the community through auxiliary membership to any of the 25 clubs on campus, or access to our many facilities including the Aquatic Centre, Synthetic Hockey Centre, and the Recreation Centre.

Membership All students and staff are automatically members of the Recreation and Aquatic Centres. Membership entitles students and staff to all facilities and programmes at member rates. In addition, members are eligible to join any of our constituent clubs.

Types of Membership Cost

Students:     Paid from enrolment fees           Staff: Nil             Auxiliary:     $90

Graduates:   $76                                              Life:   After 6 years of fees,     $15

Membership cards must be produced upon request, or non-member rates will apply.

Recreation Facilities The Recreation Centre comprises the Indoor Recreation Centre, the Aquatic Centre, and a variety of playing fields and tennis courts.

Hours of Operation

During Session    Monday / Thursday                       7.30am -     11pm

                             Friday                                                         7.30 am -    9 pm

Out of Session      Saturday - Sunday                         8.30 am -    6 pm

Public-Holidays   (unless otherwise notified)             9.30 am -    6 pm


The Recreation and Sports Association now has

  • new pool changing rooms    •   an expanded sports lounge        •   2 new cricket nets
  • 4 new tennis courts                    •   a new aerobics room

(The Squash Centre)   has

•   4 glass-backed squash courts.

Bookings can be made by telephone, or by calling in person to the Centre.

The sports Hall is a multi-purpose facility catering for a broad range of indoor activities including:

  • Badminton (6 courts)       •   Basketball (2 courts)        •   Volleyball (2 courts)
  • Hockey (1 court)                   •   Soccer (1 court)                 •  Netball (2 undersize, 1 international court)


Aerobics / Conferences:  Space is available for long-term hire or on a casual basis, depending on your requirements. Call into the Recreation Centre and see the range of activities available.

Gymnasium: The Unigym is located upstairs in the Recreation Centre. A variety of equipment is available for the weight and circuit-training enthusiast.

Sports Lounge:  The Lounge is available on a casual basis for students to sit and have lunch when unoccupied. It can be booked for parties, conferences, lectures, or any other activity suited to moderate-sized groups. This facility is utilised by some of our sporting clubs as a canteen/kiosk area, but can be adapted to suit a variety of uses. It also links to the pool area for an extensive "Pool Party/BBQ", if you desire. Why not organise a party, BBQ, or social function? The Lounge caters for up to 100 people. All are welcome.

Outdoor Facilities

Aquatic Centre:  This magnificent 50 metre outdoor heated aquatic facility is available to anyone. Come and see for yourself! See the Aquatic Centre section of this booklet for details of operating hours and programmes.

Hockey Centre:  The region's first synthetic hockey surface is a sight to behold! Gone are the problems of being washed out for half the season. Available for a variety of uses, including competitions, training, and lunchtime sports.

Tennis Courts:  The new tennis courts are finally here! Two magnificent artificial courts excellent for serve/volley exponents, or two synpave courts ideal for baseliners. All 4 courts are available for hire, and bookings can be made at the Recreation Centre reception. Excellent value for money on permanent bookings.

Ovals and Cricket Nets:  The Recreation Centre takes all bookings for use of the ovals. We currently have 3 ovals for a variety of uses, including club training sessions, lunchtime sports, and casual student use. The 2 new cricket nets mean we now have a total of 5 practice nets available to all.

Other Information

The Aquatic Centre is a multi-use facility providing pool space for a large variety of university and community sporting and recreational groups. Although we do provide for these alternative sporting groups, we also cater for the lap swimmer, recreational swimmer, and those who just want to laze around, or simply stand and splash in the water. Lap swimmers have priority over all other swimmers, and can always be assured of available swimming lanes. The best times to swim laps are 8.30 am - 12.00 pm, 3.00 pm - 4.00 pm, and 6.00 pm - 7.30 pm. However, at times the pool may be completely booked.

Please read the signs in the pool passage, and take a copy of the "Timetable of Pool Use". The Recreation and Sports Association's own newspaper - Sports Unillustrated - will keep you up-to-date on any changes to timetables.

For further enquiries phone: 93714356 during office hours


Questions 1-6

Complete the student's notes below with information from the reading passage "The Recreation and Sports Association". Write your answers in boxes 1- 6 on your Answer Sheet.