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  1. Hobby course

 The  hobby course is developed for the prospective interior designer who may be interested in pursuing a career in some aspect of the interior design & décor profession or for one interested in enriching his or her life .The course is an exciting exploration into the development of a new professional career, an enhancement for the staff member already working in the interior design industry or an allied area or an opportunity to obtain pertinent information for the person interested in designing his or her living and working environments.

Hobby Course Curriculum

The detailed explanation of each of the below items, is in the prospectus...

Full fees payment

On Enrolling Rs.5000/-

  • Elements ,Principles, Visual Concepts
  • Colour For Interiors& Wall Finishes
  • Anthropometric Data
  • Drafting 1
  • Drafting 11
  • Windows And Curtains
  • Design Presentation-Residential
  • Interior Design Projects

B. Certificate Course

Certificate course offer a background in basic skill and the visual sensitivity necessary t develop design talent. Successful completion of the course will prepare to begin a career in interior design. Graduates of this program may prefer careers in industries such as furniture, upholstery, textile and accessories, manufacturing or sales.

 Hobby course Syllabus, Plus,

The detailed explanation of each of the below items, is in the prospectus..


On Enrolling Rs.10, 000/-

  • Furniture Designing
  • Interior Design History
  • Lighting Design
  • Materials And Methods
  • Interior Design Projects

C. Diploma Course

 The diploma level course curriculum enables you to enter the professional interior & décor field. The curriculum is so structured that you cover most aspects need to start your own private consultancy practice and your own manufacturing and contract business after some months of work experience.

The Diploma level Course develops an awareness of space and ability to manipulate the crucial relationships between human function, space, form and colour, which are vital to successful interior design & décor.

Hobby 7 certificate course syllabus, plus,

The detailed explanation of each of the below items , is in the prospectus..

Full Fees payment

On Enrolling Rs.11, 250/-

1st payment option:

Rs. 6,000+Rs. 6,000=Rs.12, 000

2nd payment option: Rs.4, 250+ Rs.4, 250+ Rs. 4,250=Rs.12, 750

  • Structural Drawings
  • Quantities And Estimation
  • One &two Point Perspective
  • Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Sanitation & Water Supply
  • Interior Design Projects
  • Professional Practice
  • Carpentry
  • Landscaping

D. Advance Diploma Course

The advance diploma level course deals with designing large offices & showroom interiors helping you to gain the confidence in understanding space utilization and making provision for future expansion. The projects deals with in this program are large commercial premises which deal with basic necessities of life.

The detailed explanation of each of the below items, is in the prospectus..

Full Fees Payment

On enrolling Rs. 14,250/-

(Scholarships Offered)

  • Materials And Methods
  • Interior Design Projects

Questions (1-5)

 Complete the following sentence using No more than three words from the passage.

1.Hobby course is designed to get an ..................of a new professional career.

2.Syllabus of the course is designed to....................... all spheres needed for practice.

3.There are payment options in................................

4.Hobby course syllabus covers........................... data

5.Advanced diploma course assists to............................