Reading: / Sentence Completion / Part 5

Read the passage below 

  1. Take trip down memory lane and make classic such as Victoria and switch and Swiss roll. Both use different methods to produce and make the basis of many other wonderful cakes and sponges for you to then make at home.
  2. Make perfect sweet pastry which can be turned into fruit tarts, frangipanes and tarts au lemon. Make wonderful crème patisserie which can be used to fill your chocolate éclairs and fruit tarts.
  3. Learn how to make traditional English white tin and wholemeal bread by hand without the need for any special equipment. You will also make crusty oven bottom bloomers, plaited loaves and bake some sour bough bread.
  4. During this creative Italian Bread Course, you will make a variety of Italian style breads including Ciabatta, Focaccia, Pizza, Lardo and a salt-free Tuscan bread. 
  5. You will learn how to make the case bases from scratch, make some decorations from sugar paste such as flowers and hearts before frosting and compiling the tops.
  6. This course is suited to those who love chocolate. Learn how and why we temper chocolate. You will also enjoy making filled chocolates, chocolate figurines and Ganache. And naturally, There is plenty of opportunity for tasting!
  7. This is a lovely course full of delicate blossoms and butterflies. Learn how to cut and fill four mini sponge cakes and cover them with sugar paste, create for beautiful designs to top your cakes. Learn to work with florist paste to create delicate flowers and funky polka dots.
  8. Take a step further into the art of bread making and discover more about the processes that create different flavours and textures. You will learn about sourdoughs, polish, biga and pate fermentee. During this hands-on course you will make a wonderful range of speciality breads.
  9. Learn how to recreate this gorgeous parcel cake, perfect for any special occasion. Lean how to cut and fill a sponge cake with jam and buttercream and the professional techniques used to cover a square cake with sugar paste.

Questions (1-5)

 Complete the sentences below. Use No More Than Three Words from the passage.

1.One comes to know about the making process of ................and.................manually.

2.Professional techniques are utilized to pack...................

3.It is a ........................course with beautiful designs. used to make beautiful and delicate flowers.

5.During this course, work students come across....................