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Minutes of Nightingale House: Older People’s Retirement Home Meeting

Topic of Meeting: Changes and Modernisation to nightingale house.

Government allowance: £100,000

September 21st

The meeting was attended by Jane Smith, Edmund Theobald, Vivien Kato and Neil Turner.

Change 1 - The Balint Wing

Edmund Theobald suggested that the government allowance of £100,000 should be used to modernize the Balint Wing of Nightingale House. He has proposed that new beds should be put into all the residents' rooms and the walls need to be painted. The eating area in this section needs a new kitchen and tables. All residents need new basins in their bathrooms as well. These changes are important for hygiene and health reasons.

Orange 2 - The reception area

Vivien Kato proposed that the money would be better spent updating the reception area of the home.  New sofas need to be provided as the current ones are old and unattractive. The elderly residents enjoy sitting in this area so some pictures could be put on the walls. New computers are needed for the receptionists, which is important, as they keep all the information about the residents on these computers. A porter needs to be employed who will keep a record of all the visitors that come in and out during the day. This is important for the security of the home.

Change 3 - The restaurant area

Neil Turner put forward the idea that the restaurant area should be totally renovated and changed. The purpose of this is for visitors to bring their elderly relatives who are living in the home to the restaurant and enjoy a nice relaxing meal. This would be beneficial to the residents because they can relax in a nice environment away from their living area. A new menu can be supplied as well as a more modern restaurant decor with chairs and tables. A coffee machine could be installed as well.


It was decided that the £100,000 of government money should be spent on the Balint Wing as this is where the residents actually live and is deemed to be more important than the other two suggestions. Beds for residents were considered a priority as their sleeping area is more significant for their wellbeing and health than any other part of the home.

It was decided to reconvene in a week to set down the proposal on paper to present to the local government authorities.

Jane Smith

Managing Director of Nightingale House

Questions 1-3

Complete the table. Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the text for your answer. Write your answers in spaces 1-3.


The Balint wing                          The reception area             The restaurant area

New beds                                          New sofas                                    New menu

Walls to be painted                         New computers                     3…………………

New kitchen and tables                2 …………………                  Tables and chairs

1 ……………………                Pictures on the walls                  A coffee machine