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Post Office Information Leaflet for Home Owners

Moving house or relocating your business? Need to redirect your mail to your new address? Read the important information that follows.

How does mail redirection work?

Redirection is a cost-effective way of ensuring that you continue receiving your mail when you move home or business. Redirection of mail is flexible - you can arrange for your post to follow you even if the move is temporary, or if you are moving to an overseas address.

  • Service available for periods of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. The service can be renewed up to a maximum of two years.
  • Redirect to any UK or overseas address

Preventing identity fraud

The Home Office Identity Fraud Steering Committee recommends that to reduce the risk of identity fraud when you move, use Royal Mail's redirection service to direct your mail from your old address to your new one for at least a year.

 How can I arrange for my mail to be redirected?

There are four ways to apply and pay for a redirection:

  • By post
  • By phone
  • In person at the Post Office
  • Online

Householders, you can now set up a redirection of mail online if your debit/credit card is registered at the address you are moving from. This method of application is quick and easy and the process typically takes around five minutes to complete. Once you have submitted your application, please allow up to five working days for the Redirection to come into effect. (Please note that it is not currently possible to arrange a business redirection online).



Length of Redirection

Personal customers (costs quoted are per surname – other individual living in the same residence with different family names must apply separately)

Business customers

Overseas address (Airmail)

12 month




6 months




3 months




1 month




Is there any mail that cannot be redirected?

Yes, the following types of mail cannot be redirected:

  • Mail for people or organisations that weren’t occupying or conducting business from the old address.
  • Mail addressed to boarding houses, hotels, colleges or other multi-occupied premises.
  • Personal mail from a business address to a private address.
  • Mail from one PO Box® to another in the same delivery office.
  • International mail – any item bigger than standard letter size (over 25mm thickness and over 100g) that clearly contains goods, cannot be redirected abroad
  • Mail from abroad to a UK address.
  • Carrier mail (E.g. parcels being delivered by a private parcel delivery company).

Questions 1-7

Complete each sentence with the correct ending A-L below.

Write the correct letter A-L in boxes 1-7 on your answer sheet.

  1. For a period of at least two years.
  2. For only one individual
  3. Is cheaper than business prices
  4. When moving abroad
  5. For family members with the same name
  6. Cannot be used by businesses.
  7. Is the most costly arrangement to set up.
  8. Cannot be arranged to overseas addresses
  9. As it may help prevent criminal activity
  10. Online by private householders and business owners
  11. One of three ways in which to arrange redirection of mail.
  12. Must indicate the new address
  1. Redirection of post can be arranged
  2. Arranging redirection of mail is advised
  3. Business may choose
  4. Debit or credit cards for online application
  5. Published fees for householders apply
  6. Redirection to an international address
  7. The redirection service for larger and heavier items of mail